About us

Our company was founded by a management team and a team of talented engineers and craftsmen. And experience, expertise in installation work directly related to engineering work in various systems of industrial plants such as
  • laser cut
  • Fold the work according to the design
  • welding work according to the drawing
  • laser welding
  • air conditioning system
  • Ventilation system and air ducts
  • Construction and steel structure work
  • Get all types of stainless steel work.
  • Rain gutter installation and rainwater pipe work
  • Installation of steel structures
  • Ventilation hood, various exhaust pipes
  • Installation of insulation work for cold water pipes, steam pipes (Steam) and galvanized or aluminum jacket work.
  • Installation service work

Service installation of Spiron duct work

  • System work, air conditioning ducts, air ducts, duct ducts, smoke / odor hoods
  • Air conditioning systems, factories, buildings, offices, houses
  • Flexible air duct (flex pipe) with high flexibility.
  • Semi-rigid air duct Aluminum material
  • Insulated heat-cold tanks and steam pipes

Company policy


Selection of quality raw materials and suitable for creating pieces in accordance with the company's standards


Continuous improvements to optimize performance.


raise awareness as well as provide continuous training for our personnel. in terms of the importance of quality policy from the management until the line of operation


Strictly inspect every step of the production process To ensure quality control throughout the organization


Emphasis on quality inspection and product application

Target Market